With the strength of twenty years of experience, Dr. Zanzi’s dream was to create a clinic that truly and fully met his patients’needs.

A unique place where everyone feels comfortable and fully respected.

Dr. Michele Zanzi

Fascinated by the potential to transform the body, Dr. Michele Zanzi has made it his life's work. Every day, he reshapes faces and figures to reconcile the inner person with the outer appearance. At the Zanzi Clinic, the surgeon assures a tailored, patient-centric concept.


Degree and Doctorate in Medicine (Lausanne)

Swiss Federal certification in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic SurgerY

Degree in Psychology, BBSH School (Miami, Florida)


The Federation of Swiss Medical Doctors (FMH)

The Vaudois Society of Medical Doctors (SVM)

The Swiss Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic Surgery (SSCPRE)

The Swiss Society for Cosmetic Surgery (SGAC-SSCE)


Italian (mother tongue), French, English, German, Chinese

Educational profile

Plastic surgery: a calling for Dr. Michele Zanzi. “Already at a very young age, I found changing physical appearance to be fascinating. Medical studies was thus a natural route to take. At age 27, he earns his medical degree and begins his training as a specialist.

During his post-graduate studies, Michel Zanzi traveled from Switzerland to the United States, drawing inspiration from eminent plastic surgeons there. Immersed in their universe, he observed and memorises their gestures. This wealth of references ultimately became the foundations of his practice. In 2004, once back in Lausanne, he worked for Professor Kesselring for a year. This experience opened the door to the Centre for Plastic Surgery (Centre de Chirurgie Plastique) in Lausanne, where he set up his own offices.

From that time onwards, his patients defined the evolution of his practice. To best serve them, he closely followed the advances in surgical techniques, developing a process that respects the psycho-social and physical integrity of each and every patient. Bolstered by his twenty years of experience, he has now created the Zanzi Clinic. “This project belongs to my former, current, and future patients. I'm only here to make it a reality.”

The protegé of Drs. Meyer and Kesselring - both world-renowned pioneers in plastic surgery who, together, founded the Centre for Plastic Surgery of Lausanne (Centre de Chirurgie Plastique de Lausanne) - Dr. Michele Zanzi is one of the rare Swiss-French surgeons who is entirely dedicated to cosmetic surgery. With the Zanzi Clinic, he combines leading-edge expertise with a highly personalised approach.

The Team

A sharp eye for detail and truly solid relationship of trust: these two values link Dr. Zanzi and his team. These seasoned experts have complementary skills and a joint vision of their profession.

Regula Fischer

Operating room nurse

Regula Fischer has worked with Dr. Zanzi for more than a decade. In the operating room, the two understand one another without having to exchange a single word. In addition to being an operating room nurse, she is trained in psychology and in psycho-energetic healing.

Barbara Bailly

Medical secretary

In charge of patient reception, the agenda, and reservations, Barbara Bailly naturally radiates kindness.

Dr Giovanni Gaggero


Former Head of Clinic at the Geneva University Hospital (HUG) and former Joint Head Physician at the Fribourg Hospital (HFR) in Riaz, Dr. Gaggero founded his own company dedicated to ambulatory anaesthesia: Mobile Anesthesia Care. He works regularly with Dr. Zanzi, with whom he has a very strong relationship of trust.