Located in Lausanne, in the heart of the Lake Geneva region, Zanzi Clinic seamlessly blends technological innovation and personalised treatment.

Devoted entirely to the patient’s wellbeing, the clinic’s infrastructure offers discretion and confidentiality.


From the very first meeting, everything is done for you and on your terms. For us, it's a point of pride to anticipate your needs. We design personalised plans for every single patient to ensure absolute comfort. With complete respect for your personal integrity, we aim to assure for you an exclusive experience.

State-of-the-art technology

Zanzi Clinic is committed to ensuring uncompromising quality in our procedures. Both in terms of technical skills and equipment, we employ the latest technological and surgical innovations.

Tailored services

Your comfort is our priority. Whether you need a transfer from your home to the clinic, or post-operative care such as lymphatic drainage or massage, we go out of our way to meet your needs. For optimal recovery, we can also combine your treatment with a stay in a renowned Lausanne hotel.