The truest symbol of femininity, a woman’s breasts evoke softness and sensuality.

Breast enhancement surgery harmonises the figure by bringing firmness, tone, or volume to the breasts.

Breast hypotrophy

Underdeveloped breasts can affect self-confidence and the expression of femininity. This can either be inherent or occur following breastfeeding.

Breast enlargement

Breat hypertrophy

Heavy, overly voluminous breasts lead to physical discomfort in certain women, as well as complexes. The problem can sometimes be linked to sagging breasts.

Breast reduction

Sagging breasts

Often linked to fluctuating weight, age, or a pregnancy, sagging breasts can disrupt the figure's harmony.

Breast enlargement
Breast lift

Décolleté wrinkles

With age, or following exposure to the sun, vertical wrinkles can appear on the cleavage. Going from between the breasts, they spread out towards the collarbone.

Hyaluronic acid
Plasma lift