A treasure hidden within our own fat cells

Lipofilling is an effective way to remodel or fill certain parts of the face by injecting autogenous fat cells (the patient’s own fat) that has been used for the past decade. From its promising beginnings, this technique has seen considerable advances. Notably, scientists have discovered that the number of stem cells present in the injected fat is directly related to the successfulness of the filling over time and improvement in skin quality.

On the basis of this discovery, a technique to raise the number of stem cells, called micro-lipofilling, was developed. Inspired by these innovations, experts – including Dr. Zanzi –developed nano-lipofilling. This truly innovative technique enables us to exploit these stem cells as well as the cellular activation mechanisms (which are also present in the fat) to stimulate the revitalising effect.

Today, Dr. Zanzi is recognised among Swiss experts in nano-lipofilling and regularly performs the procedure in complement to traditional injection of plasma-rich platelets (PRP) and hydraulic acid. This technique promises a natural and lasting result, with no volumising effect and is particularly effective for small wrinkles of the face or décolleté.